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Engaging with your customers shouldn’t cost your business an arm and a leg.

/user, billed monthly
Minimum users: 5

250 MAC´s included
Extra MAC 0,05

/user, billed monthly
Minimum users: 50

2.500 MAC´s included
Extra MAC 0,045

/user, billed monthly
Minimum users: 500

25K MAC´s included
Extra MAC 0,04


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€ 50 per user € 9 per user?

ChatShipper is disrupting the Live Chat / Messaging Arena. Where other players come from a place where Live Chat was the domain Customer support team. ChatShipper is built on a different premise: Ultimately (almost) everyone in an organisation will be joining the conversation (like they are answering telephone and email). You would not pay Euro 50,- per user for an email account right? Hence a different pricing model is needed. Messaging will be a commodity. ChatShipper prices its software accordingly. Scale will make up for it.

Features Included
Omnichannel Messaging
Continuous Message stream
Duo Message stream
Multi-party conversations
Open Messaging Platform
Human & Automated conversations
Share conversations
AI Enriched messaging
Outbound messaging
Pro-active messaging
In- & Outbound conversations

Try ChatShipper for free for 30 days

Being customer-first is in our DNA. We don’t just preach it, we live it. Which is why the first 30 days are on us. After 30 days, pick the plan that best fits your company & switch or cancel anytime.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a MAC?

Monthly Active Contact or MAC´s is the total number of End-User Contacts engaged in any number of sent or received messages or events within the ChatShipper Conversation Platform in the month. Monthly Active Contacts are engaged whether they sent or received messages or events occurs between a) a unique End-User and a Subscriber, b) a unique group of End-Users and a Subscriber, or c) a unique group of End-Users.

Are MAC´s counted per user or per organisation?

MAC´s are counted per organisation. So in our Team Plan with 5 users the first 250 MACś are included.

What user types are counted as licensed users.

ChatShipper will invoice the following user types: # Admin-users, # Agent-users and # Organisation-Bot-Users.

What are my payment options?

You can pay using credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or SEPA Direct Debit.