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New game, new revenue streams

Conversational Business opens a whole new spectrum of opportunities for agencies like yours:

Contact Centers

Marketing (Ad) Agencies

Webshop Agencies

(Chatbot) Developers

Heard about conversational business and wondering what it is?

Conversational business in a nutshell encompasses the different ways messaging channels can be used in support, marketing, sales, and beyond. Customers, shoppers, prospects and leads want to communicate with businesses with the same ease and convenience that they experience when talking to their friends and family. Let’s face it, your team prefer messaging over calls too.

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Delivering conversations is becoming undeniably complex. It went from being only live chat to multi-channel messaging. From sitting in one department to cross-business. From human only to human and bot combos. And then there’s the implementation. What used to just be slapping on a snippet of code to enable live chat on a website is now more like configuring a business phone system. It requires expertise to maximise its full potential and deliver the best conversational experiences. Which is why an expert ecosystem is essential.

Conversational business

Live Chat 1.0 was about providing support and engaging website visitors. Then it evolved to automating that support with bots. Call it Live Chat 2.0. Over time other functions jumped onto the bandwagon to incorporate messaging into their way of working. From marketing to sales and even recruitment. But we’re going through a bigger shift. One that broadens beyond live chat and conversational functions. That shift is the conversationalization (excuse the tongue twister) of business processes. Whether it’s appointment booking or quotations, invoicing or payment capturing, clunky and friction-filled processes can be handled with conversations and automated by bots. And better yet, the possibilities are endless. Bound only by your imagination.

Chatshipper, open messaging software for:

  • Conversational Commerce
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Conversational Recruitment
  • Conversational Support
  • Conversational Business processes
  • Conversational Webforms
  • Conversational Chatbots
  • Conversational IoT
  • Programmable conversations
  • Automated conversations

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