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ChatShipper Features

Multi-party conversations

Multi-party Conversations let you connect multiple users into a single conversation at any time. Now your team and external partners can message together to streamline support interactions and deliver your customers the best experiences.

Duo Message stream

Two conversations side by side in real-time. One with your customer and one about the conversation where integrations, process bots, and team members can contribute or comment.

So where other systems struggle with static panels, with ChatShipper information streams alongside the conversation to give your team the information they need when they need it. Isn’t that savvy?

Continuous conversation

Live chat is session based. Every conversation has a start and an end. But just as we’re used to with WhatsApp, conversations should be a continuous stream of messages. And with ChatShipper they are. Independent of the channel a customer or agent is using. Making switching from channel to channel seamless.

Share conversations

Want to share conversations with your partner organisations? We’ve got you covered!
Whether you’re a brand wanting to share conversations with your dealer network, or an agency managing conversations on behalf of your clients, ChatShipper allows for conversation sharing making it possible to continue the conversation.

And yes, all while being GDPR compliant.

Flex forms

Don’t be bound by the restrictions of a help desk ticketing system. Configure as many ‘business cases’ as you want with ChatShipper forms and capture structured data (manually or automated) from your conversations. Integrate responses into your other business systems for processing.

Desk & Non-Desk workers

Let’s face it, chatting used to be a support team thing. But not anymore. With ChatShipper anyone in the business can participate in conversations whether they’re at their desk or on the move.

And with our embedded video chat feature, communicating couldn’t be easier. Now your sales people can demo straight from their phone.

Inbound & Outbound conversations

The days of waiting for consumers to initiate a conversation are over. ChatShipper lets you send Outbound messages on WhatsApp and SMS so you can keep in touch with your customers and deliver a better customer experience at scale.

Human & Automated conversations

The future is heading towards a world where the majority of conversations are automated. AI bots have the ability to handle appointment booking, provide self-service transactions, and much more. But humans remain essential to the process, so ChatShipper allows you to orchestrate seamless bot-to-human hand-offs. Allowing you to scale your support and dedicate resources to high value queries.

Built for speed

You can get much more done when you don’t have to keep jumping from your keyboard to your mouse. ChatShipper is built with productivity in mind which is why every feature of the application can be triggered by a keyboard command. Enjoy being more productive.

Everywhere your customers are

Connect with customers across multiple channels without having to log into multiple different apps. All your customer interactions in one place.

Network of experts

The messaging space today is complicated. Billions of users spread across an ever-growing number of global messaging apps, from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to WeChat, Telegram and Line. When you add SMS, RCS, web messengers and mobile apps to the mix, it’s insane to think your bots can be expected to work seamlessly across dozens of channels and devices.

Which is why we’ve built you a network of experts ready to help you. Whether you just need help with implementation or advanced stuff like widget configuration, chatbot development, conversational design or a cloud workforce, we’ll match you with the right partner.

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