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Power conversations with ChatShipper’s partner program

Add another revenue stream to your income and help build better conversational experiences with ChatShipper’s partner program for developers.

Build Conversational User Experiences with bots


Read our API documentation and step-by-step guides.

Your revenue opportunities with ChatShipper

Conversation design

Work with some of the worlds most customer-centric brands to create conversation designs or build your own templates for them to adopt

Chatbot development

Build a consumer-facing bot or process bot with our APIs

API development

Supercharge conversational experiences by building integrations with our API

Custom implementation & Consulting

Support brands during their conversational transformation and help them make the most out of the ChatShipper Platform

Widget configuration

Design, build and publish front-end facing widgets and share them with the world

Deep dive into the ChatShipper Platform

Additional Partner Benefits

  • Generous revenue share and promotion of your apps/bots
  • Partner support – From partner onboarding to priority support, you’ll have what you need to build with ChatShipper
  • Co-marketing activities that can help drive new business for your agency.
  • Partner newsletter – keep up-to-date with product enhancements, new content & industry updates.
  • And more… We’re continually adding more benefits to reward our great partners.

Power conversations with ChatShipper

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