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Contact Centers & ChatShipper

Fact: No other Conversational Platform is built to the specific needs of a Contact Center servicing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of clients. ChatShipper is!

How do we know this? Because our journey started off just like yours. We built ChatShipper to service our Contact Center and now we want to help you.

Want to see ChatShipper in action?

It used to be the case that you would either be servicing your clients with your agents internally or your client  onboard your agents themselves, sacrificing your efficiency.

With ChatShipper and  our multi organisation tiers, you and your clients can truly collaborate as one team. All while you deploy your agents to multiple organisations at the same time.

ChatShipper’s Admin interface allows you to easily manage your clients and navigate your accounts so you check and change their settings, add users, integrations, forms and routing all from one convenient app.

We’ve been there. Your agents don’t want to work with their personal details public. Especially when you’re serving multiple clients in the same industry or location. With ChatShipper you can add multiple aliases to an account so your agents can do what they do best without having to worry.

As you grow and acquire more clients,Onboarding them couldn’t be  easier with Templated Organisations. 

Save time and resources setting up new clients by creating cookie cutter client templates, from forms to knowledge articles and conversation outlines. Make repetitive work a thing of the past.

Want to know more about templated organisations? Read more

We’ve also got an open API you can use to create resources…but let’s face it, nothing beats good old copy and paste

Moving your agents over to ChatShipper  make them 30% more productive. If not more. We guarantee this.

Other software
Live Chat and chatbots Omnichannel Messaging to reach customers everywhere
Chat panel Duo Message stream to empower your agents with the knowledge they need to service conversations
1-on-1 conversations Multi-party conversations
System lock-in Open messaging platform
Human conversations Human & Automated conversations – scale the power of your team
Internal access only Strengthen client relationships with shared conversations
Text only messaging AI Enriched messaging
Inbound only In- & Outbound conversations
Desk-workers Desk & Non-Desk workers

Contact Center Revenue Streams

Working with ChatShipper will open up new opportunities for you and your clients

  • Managed Live chat / Messaging
  • Resell ChatShipper licenses
  • Implementation
  • Web widget configuration
  • Conversation design
  • Chatbot development
  • Call to message (call deflection)
  • Email to messaging

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Benefits for Contact Centers