Introducing ChatOps with ChatShipper

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How you can remove all those repetitive steps in every customer interaction with ChatShipper ChatOps Features.

Create efficient processes and reduce the number of steps you take in each customer journey with chatbots that speak with your systems 

TL;DR: When you think Chatbots you think of customer-facing automated conversations. But that’s about to change. We’ve built a duo stream conversation flow where users and client facing bots are aided by chatbots that speak with and pull information from your business system. Gone are the days of repetitive steps during customer journeys, asking customers questions that you’ve already got the answer to somewhere and lengthy processes.

The other day I booked my Nissan Juke in for a service and MOT (and a couple costly repairs that are still too painful to talk about). 

I booked my car in via the website of the same service centre I always use.  

And without fail, I was taken down a booking journey that asked me the same questions I’m asked each year: “What’s your reg number”, “Which make and model is your vehicle”, “What’s your contact details?” etc. 

We’ve all been there. 

Only this time it got me wondering…

ChatShipper Chatops wondering
Wondering about ChatShipper ChatOps features

Why do we have to answer the same questions each time we interact with a business we’ve spoken to before? Especially when nothing has changed (… apart from my mileage in this scenario 😅)

Surely there’s a way to identify customers with 1 or 2 questions and then pull my previously provided details?

It’s that painful friction that led us to ChatOps.

What is ChatOps and how can you implement it to improve your customer experience?

Put simply, ChatOps is what we call chatbots that speak with your internal systems in real time to input or extract information.

And with ChatShipper’s duo stream conversations you can implement ChatOps to aid in live conversations.

While most of us are used to thinking of chatbots as consumer-facing automated conversations, with ChatOps we flip it on it’s head.

Picture this.

You run an e-commerce store and somebody is messaging in real-time with your team to ask about the progress of their order.

Normally that team member would have to ask for an order number or some details to find the order, log into your backend platform, search for the order, check the status, then jump back into the conversation and relay that back to the customer. 

And if you’re running a successful store this will probably happen multiple times a day (or hour!).

With ChatOps you can create chatbots that follow the conversation your teammate is having with the customer. Once the chatbot identifies an order number in the conversation it’ll ping the system to locate the order status and share it with your teammate (via the duo stream panel)  before they’ve even had a chance to open a new window.

The same principle can be applied to a host of other use cases:

  • Searching and booking in appointment slot
  • Finding customer details in your CRM
  • Order or repair history
  • Finding car details 😉

The possibilities are endless.

ChatOps for you?

When it comes to ChatOps, chatbots are just as relevant for optimizing your operations and processes as there for communicating with customers. 

And when you combine system facing chatbots with customer engaging chatbots (meta 🤯) delivering great conversational experiences has never been efficient and scalable.

Give it a try today with some of our pre-built and ready to use process bots and start making your business conversational.