Ready to Move On?

There’s no need to tell you how to run a live chat managed service, but what about dealing with the rapidly changing messaging landscape?

Here are some of the issues and questions you may encounter:

  • I have already partnered with a chat provider, but they limit me and my clients.
  • How do I seamlessly integrate new messaging channels?
  • Delivering transcripts via email will eventually not be enough.
  • How do we structure data and process it to our clients’ CRM system?
  • How do we stay ahead? We are in the business of people, not tech.
  • Clients are requesting more insights. Do we need business intelligence tools?
  • What is the role of conversational bots?

Have additional questions or concerns? We’re always happy to help.

We Scale Together

When taking on hundreds, or even thousands, of clients, you’re bound to run into issues of scale. This is where we’ve got you covered – by already solving your current problems and looking down the road to tackle those of the future – before they have a chance to come your way.

Features that will especially appeal to you:

  • Capabilities ranging from live chat to x-channel messaging
  • Commands for lightning-fast agents
  • Nicknames
  • Stopwords
  • Vendor independance
  • Participative knowledge management
  • AI-powered knowledge suggestions (coming soon)
  • White-label client portal
  • Rich-media messaging
  • Co-produce with clients
  • BI-prepped
  • Data processing and real-time enrichment
  • Focused on everything from being chat-centered to the customer journey

This is only the beginning. Book an online meeting for an in-depth look at how we can change the way you do business.

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As your business grows, don’t get held down by your messaging provider because their roadmap is not the same as yours. With ChatShipper’s messaging integrations, you and your company will not only be as agile as the market itself, you’ll always be one step ahead.