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Messaging is growing, rapidly diminishing the market for telephone and email.

Moving from sequential to parallel conversation is a big shift.

Traditional contact centers tend to be sequential. One call, then the next. But with messaging, agents can work in parallel, handling up to a dozen digital conversations at the same time.

So if an agent is on the phone, he or she cannot answer chats. But if they are handling multiple digital conversation, the conversations are seamless.

Traditional online contact center software providers can’t compete.

Their proprietary software is not nimble enough to be a frontrunner in the agile messaging environment.

But there’s really no need. Open systems can easily interface to optimally interact with agents for the task at hand.

Targeted open systems (API first Systems), as opposed to all-inclusive solutions, are in the best position to compete.

Small and midsize messaging companies are a new opportunity for contact centers.

In the past, traditional clients who outsourced to contact centers were typically large companies. But with parallel messaging, it’s now possible for contact centers to onboard small and midsize companies – opening a whole new segment of the market.

If, as a contact center, you feel like diversifying into the messaging sector is a good opportunity and you want to evaluate our turnkey solution, we would be happy to book a meeting to discuss.

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