Open Messaging Center Platform

Messaging for numerous organizations via multiple channels requires a different set of features than standard messaging apps provide. This is because agents are handling different conversations for several organizations simultaneously.

ChatShipper Platform

As an messaging contact center admin you’ll need the ChatShipper platform to manage:

  1. Organizations (Clients)
  2. Users (Agents)
  3. Channels
  4. Integrations

Four Modules Are Built on Top


Build rich profiles that sync contact data with your clients’ CRM. Even track buyers’ journey events. Everything you need for a seamless conversation.


Conversations started on one channel are maintained across all channels. Messages sent and received stay in sync, no matter which channel or device contacts utilize.


You, your client or automation can manage the content of your clients’ knowledge bases so agents can access and share up-to-date information.


Deliver real-time results to your customers. Capture their business goals and transform them into relevant data collection forms to be utilized to continuously streamline the process.

Other features

Open Messaging Systems

Any open messaging system can be connected to ChatShipper. Check our integrated services listing, or integrate yourself.

Unlimited Subaccounts

You can set up and configure your clients’ accounts and subaccounts, all while providing access to collaborate.

Rich Media Messaging

While most chat software providers are pushing plain text, ChatShipper agents can exchange rich media.

Advantaged Routing

Set your own preferences for routing based on URL, channel, first- or second-tier specialists, or the pre-chat survey.

Flexible Delivery

Email conversation outcomes or activate a webhook to process so you can get the most out of each chat.

Business Systems Integration

Easily sync conversation outcomes with your clients’ CRM or ticketing systems.

Client Portal

Give your clients access to our white-label client portal. Dashboarding, analysis and message archiving are always accessible – all the time.

Agent-to-Agent Instant Messaging

Agent-to-agent messaging allows instant collaboration for the best possible outcome.

Transfer Conversations

End of shift? Expertise needed? Conversations can be transferred with a simple @mention.

Consistent API

ChatShipper is built as an API-first system. And yes: We eat our own dog food.

Collaborative Messaging

Your client wants to message as well? Your agents and your client’s staff can co-work seamlessly.

Secure Infrastructure

We know your clients will hold you to the highest compliance standards. Rest assured – we have you covered with a track record to prove it, and we’ve been benchmarked by numerous corporate clients.

Conversational Bots

Want to automate portions of the conversation, pre-chat survey or standard data collection? Say hello to our conversational bots.